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About CSNC 2018

About CSNC 2018  


Notice on Call for Papers for The 9th China


Satellite Navigation Conference


 (Notice NO.1)


About CSNC

China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC) is an open academic platform for academic exchanges that aims at enhancing academic innovation to promote cooperation and exchanges in the field of satellite navigation, strengthening technological innovation to accelerate engineering construction of satellite navigation systems, intensifying theoretical innovation to facilitate theory progress of satellite navigation and reinforcing application innovation to boost development of the satellite navigation industry.

The 9th China Satellite Navigation Conference (CSNC2018) will be sponsored by Academic Exchange Centre of China Satellite Navigation Office and held from 23th to 25th May, 2018 in Harbin, China. And the theme of our conference is Location, Time of Augmentation. It will incorporate a wide range of activities such as academic exchange, high-end forums, exhibition as well as science popularization. Scientific and technological experts and researchers from all circles of life are all welcomed to contribute papers to and take part in this Conference.

 . Themes for the Paper

S01   Satellite Navigation Application Technology

S02   Navigation and Location-based Service

S03   Satellite Navigation Signal and Signal Processing

S04   Satellite Orbit and Clock Error

S05   Precise Positioning Technology

S06   Atomic Clock and Time-Frequency Technology

S07   Satellite Navigation Augmentation Technology

S08   Test and Assessment Technology

S09   User Terminal Technology

S10   Multi-sensor Fusion Navigation Technology

S11   PNT system and New Navigation Technology

S12  Policies, Regulations, Standards and Intellectual Properties

. Requirements for the Paper

1. The paper must NOT be published openly before. The content of the paper must be authentic and original, covering no more than the above 12 themes. The author takes sole responsibility for his views in the paper.

2. As the paper is submitted by the author without any special statement and used by us, it is deemed that the author agrees to authorize publication of the paper.

3. The abstract and the content of the paper should be submitted via the Paper Submission system of the CSNC website. We do NOT accept submission of paper by means of e-mail. The submission of the paper must be followed by the submission of its abstract, which should be written in English and Chinese languages with 400~600 wordscovering the research background, methods, purposes and findings. The whole paper must be submitted in English and Chinese versions, the sample of which can be downloaded from our website ( The Chinese version of the paper must NOT exceed 5 pages and the English version, 10 pages.

4. Deadline for Submission of Abstract: October 31st 2016


5. Time for Submission of Paper: November 1st ~ December 1st 2017


6. Time of Acceptance Notification: End of January 2018

. Publication of the Paper

1. Excellent papers (English version) of this Conference will be published collectively in Springer series, Lecture Notes in Electronic Engineering, and be available for IE index searching.

2. Some excellent papers (English version) of this Conference will be recommended to and published in Advances in Space Research and be available for SCI index searching. The papers recommended to Advances in Space Research will NOT be simultaneously recommended to EI paper collections.

3. Papers collected will be made for disc publication and recorded into CNKI important conference paper databank and Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform.

. Time and Place

Time: May 23-25, 2018

Place: Harbin, China

. Contact

Tel/Fax+86 10 82178658  /  82178034

Websitehttp://www.beidou.orgPlease note the latest news of the website



Academic Exchange Centre of China Satellite Navigation Office

China Satellite Navigation Conference Organizing Committee

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