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Exhibition Introduce  
Introduction to CSNE

China Satellite Navigation Exhibition(CSNE)has established in 2010,which enjoyed an important part in CSNC and shared same time with CSNC. CSNE has been successfully held for eight times in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, Xian and Changsha, etc. It is the professional exhibition in terms of the field of satellite navigation with the world's largest scale and most influential impact.

For each China Satellite Navigation Technology and Application Exhibition, the exhibiting area exceeds 10,000 square meters. The cumulative number of visitors in the past eight years exceeds 100,000, with a total of 939 (including exhibitor coming repeatedly) well-known satellite navigation companies, universities, research institutions on the CSNE platform fully displaying the cutting-edge, high-end technology and products line. The up, the middle and the downstream enterprises of the satellite navigation industrial chain will achieve exchange and cooperation on the Application Expo, which is an important window for the industry to interpret the industry technology progress, industry trends, and information exchange and a platform that provides the Chinese satellite navigation industry with international industrial exchanges.


China Satellite Navigation Technology and Application Expo focuses on promoting the stable operation of Beidou System, providing the interactive experience and rendering the unique ideas of it. It also aims to display the system application, technology application and product application of Beidou System in an all-round way, to build a communication bridge for all parties and increase enterprises interaction, academic exchanges, talents interaction and interaction among the public, to promote the understanding of China Beidou Satellite Navigation at home and abroad.


The 9th China Satellite Navigation Technology and Applications Application Expo (CSNE 2018) will be held on May 23-25, 2018 in Hall C, Harbin International Convention & Exhibition Center, China. Taking “Location,  Time of Augmentation” as its theme, the Application Expo covers an area of 12,000 square meters, with functional areas and business pavilions, while setting up a number of exchange activities and on-site activities, inviting world-class enterprise elites and experts in the satellite navigation field to share the insights on satellite navigation development.















Activities in CSNE

New Technology and Product Launching Area

This area provides a stage which can show the exhibitors culture and value in a more in-depth way. Each organization publicize their culture, spirit, goal, new technology and new product through speeches in selected time slot. Thus, attendees, including leaders, representatives, audiences, can deepen their understanding on the exhibitors.

Interactive Experience Area

This satellite navigation interactive experience area provides attendees interactive and intuitive experience, which also represents the current trend. Attendees at home and abroad can directly understand BDS terminals, product functions, applications and experience.

Corporate Exhibition Area

Corporate Exhibition Area is a window of BDS satellite navigation industrial chain, integrating outstanding corporates and research institutes in the industry, comprehensively showcasing development status, technical results and latest products of exhibitors.

Mini Exhibition Area

Each exhibition area is 1*1 m, providing publicity posts and materials for Hi-tech organizations, no specific items.

Harbin Exhibition Area

Covering over 500 square meters.

Navigation Talents Wall

This area provides a platform for exchange among exhibitors, young scholars and students, which will help companies demonstrate themselves, discover talents and build talent pools. Meanwhile, it offers talents who’re interested in working in satellite navigation industry insights into industrial prospects and corporate culture.

Discussion and Rest Area

This area is for representatives and visitors to have discussions or a rest. Area H Science Popularization Area Exhibition of 8th BD-CASTIC 2017 Results Area I Essay Posting Area Specially setting up communication area for posted reports and selected papers.

BeiDou Industry Park Exhibition Area

This area is a public service exhibition area dedicated to national BeiDou Industry parks, serving to introduce preferable and supporting policies for investments and businesses, and to build a platform for BeiDou-related enterprises and BeiDou industrial parks to exchange, communicate, share and develop together.


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