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Exhibition Introduce  

Venue: National (Shanghai) Center for Exhibition and Convention (May 18 -20)




BDS Industrial Application Exhibition

Focusing on applications of BDS navigation system in transportation, meterology, pubic security, forestry, marine fishery as well as disaster mitigation and relief, this exhibition area shows basic progress of BDS industrial demonstration, follow-up development plan and all-round guarantee system.

A Area

BDS Regional Application Exhibition

Employing the exhibition board, network display platform, special terminal products, etc., this area shows the construction of BDS navigation application demonstration engineering in Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Hunan Province, Beijing and Shaanxi Province.

D Area

Scientific Popularization Area

Exhibition of 6th BD-CASTIC 2016 Results

I Area

Speech Area

This area provides a stage which can show culture and value in a more indepth way. Each organization publicize their culture, spirit, purpose, new technology and new product through speeches in selected time period. Thus attendees, including leaders, representatives, audience, can deepen their understanding on exhibitors.

H Area

Talents Interflow Area

This area offers a communication platform for exhibitors, attendee scholars and students in Xian universities. This platform can showcase corporate presence and attraction, help enterprises find out talents they need, store professional talents for their corporates and meanwhile enable talents whos interested in satellite navigation industry to thoroughly understand industrial prospect, corporate culture and corporate DNA.

G Area

Interactive Experience Area

This satellite navigation interactive experience area provides attendees interactive and intuitive experience, which also represents the current trend. Attendees at home and abroad can directly understand BDS terminals, product functions, applications and experience.

B Area

Corporate Exhibition Area

Corporate Exhibition Area is a window of BDS satellite navigation industrial chain, integrating outstanding corporates and research institutes in the industry, comprehensively showcasing development status, technical results and latest products of exhibitors.

Remaining area

MINI Exhibition Area

Each exhibition area is 1*1, providing publicity posts and materials for Hi-tech organizations, no specific items. MINI exhibitors do not need to present at the exhibition stand.

C Area

Essay Posting Area

Specially seting up communication area for posted reports, selecting part of essays to exhibit and communicate.





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