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About CSNC 2018



Lectures on Satellite Navigation
Specially invited internationally renowned experts in the field to give lectures.

Opening Ceremony
Address & Award Ceremony: Excellent Conference Academic Papers, Youth Outstanding Papers, and BD- CASTIC.
Providers System and Service Provision Updates
Providers system and service provision updates and updates from relevant international organization on the progress and application of major satellite navigation systems.
Invited Presentations
Invited presentations given by world-renowned experts in the field.
The Night of BeiDou
Award ceremony,including Most Creative Posting Award, Thesis Organization Award, Award on the Promotion of     BeiDou Satellite Navigation System. Also awards for the sponsors.


S01   Satellite Navigation Technology
S02   Navigation and Location Service
S03   Satellite Navigation Signals and Signal Processing
S04   Satellite Orbit and Satellite Clock Error
S05   Precise Positioning Technology
S06   Atomic Clock and Time-frequency Technology
S07   Satellite Navigation Augmentation Technology
S08   Test and Assessment Technology
S09   User Terminal Technology
S10   Multi-source Fusion Navigation Technology
S11   PNT New Concept, New Methods and New Technology
S12   Policies and Regulations, Standards and Intellectual Properties
Application Industrialization Forum
It is part of the high-end exchange whereby the current status, development and trends of the BeiDou navigation industry are discussed, and critical elements in industrialization are analyzed to shed light on the opportunities and challenges of the industry through presentations, panel discussions, interaction and interviews.


BeiDou Industrial Application Exhibition
This exhibition area showcases BeiDou satellite navigation system’s application in transportation, meteorological observation, public security, forestry, marine fishery, and disaster mitigation and relief. Progress, future development plan and a multi-dimensional guarantee system for models in the BeiDou industry are reflected through the exhibition.
BeiDou Regional Application Exhibition
Posters, networking demonstration platform and featured end products are showcased to present development of pioneering projects in BeiDou Satellite navigation, and policy environment, industrial base as well as technical support in Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Hunan Province, Beijing and Shaanxi Province.
BeiDou Vehicle Navigation Alliance
This part showcases antenna, chips(modules), designs, vehicle monitoring and navigation terminals, digital maps, application systems, testing facilities and technologies and organizations working on BeiDou vehicle navigation application development, including scientific research institutions.
Science Section
Achievements exhibition of the 6th “BeiDou Cup” China Adolescents Science and Technology Invention Contest (BD- CASTIC 2016).
Speech Section
This offers a stage where exhibitors can show their culture and values through speeches on their corporate culture and values, missions, new technologies and products. Government officials, conference delegates and the general public can thus have a better understanding of the event and its participants.
Talent Exchange Section
This is a platform of exchange for exhibitors, young scholars and students from local universities. This is also a platform where companies present themselves and recruit talents. Moreover, talents who want to work in the satellite navigation industry will be able to learn more about the future prospect of the industry and the culture and value of the companies they are interested in.
Business Match-making Section
Tables and chairs are arranged in this area so that the exhibitors can have in-depth exchange and discussions with potential customers. The place can be used by the exhibitors as they like within the specified time.
Company Exhibition Section
Company Exhibition Section is a showcase for the industry chain in the BeiDou Satellite Navigation sector. The development, technological achievements and latest products of outstanding companies and research institutes within this industry are presented here.
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